Ikaw bala may talento ukon abilidad sa patag sang hampang nga Chess? Kun huo, para gid ini sa imo.

Mag-intra sa Tournament Chess Dalawahan sang Sara sa Hunyo 21, 2023. Bukas gid ini sa tanan nga luyag magpakita kag makipagbahin sang iya talento.

Php200. 00/player (Registration will start at 7 AM| Game Proper will start at 9 AM on June 21, 2023, Brgy. Ilawod Gymnasium). Ang taga Team maga-dala sang one chess set kag chess clock.

1. The tournament will be played in two (2) categories: (1) Open Dalawahan, and (2) 12 & Under (2011)- Individual

📌Open Dalawahan Category
a. Open to all chess players non-titled, rated, or unrated based on May 1, 2023 rating list.
b.Team composition of Two (2) players must not exceed average rating of 1900 for both players
c.Board Assignment must be:
Board 1: Highest Rated
Board 2: Choice Player
d. Players rated 1799 and below will be considered 1800.

📌12 & Under Category
a. Open to all Chess players titled or non-titled, rated or unrated based on May 1, 2023 rating list.
b.Born 2011 and above/younger.

Format:1. The tournament shall be governed by the FIDE Laws of Chess 2023
2.Pairing Manager Program. Pairing shall be generated by the Swiss System Pairing Program. No Protest will be entertained.
3.Rounds: Six (6) or Seven (7) rounds depending on the number of participants.
4.Time control: 20 minutes + 3 minutes delay for each player to finish the game.

1. OPEN DALAWAHAN: 2 points for win, 1 point for draw, and 0 point for lose
2. 12 YEARS OLD & UNDER:1 point for win, 5 points for draw, 0 points for lose
Para sa dugang nga impormasyon, mahimo nga lantawon ang laragway sa idalom ukon mag-contact lang kay Michael John Allador (0907-393-1209).
See you there!